Slowing Down in Meta Relationships

In polyamory, it’s not just about your multiple partners. Inevitably, if your partners also have other partners, you’re going to have metamours. “Metamour” or “meta” is the term for your partners’ other partners. Metamour relationships can end up being one of the most challenging parts of polyamory. After all, you didn’t choose your metamours but, even if you never meet, you’re sharing someone who’s important to both of you.

Drafting Relationship Expectations

Drafting Relationship Expectations

Each individual should know what their own boundaries and expectations are with the people they care about, but we often don’t think about these in explicit terms or use explicit language to communicate them.  Implied agreements lead to misunderstandings and miscommunications.  Direct communication can seem intimidating at first but is very rewarding once you become more comfortable with it.  

Posh Event Ideas

Event Ideas

The whole point of POSH is to provide opportunities to connect with other people in the Polyamory community in Houston in a consent-positive environment. To that end, we need folks to host events for the group! We currently offer two types of events: POSH-Only events – these are events that have POSH in the title

Know the Rules

POSH Rules

Facebook’s always changing things, and a recent change made it harder to find the group “about” page where the rules are on mobile. You can find them here. Here’s a list of them on the website, too! Don’t Out Your Friends – Do not disclose other people’s poly status without their consent. Not everyone is

Building a Consent-Positive Community

The goal of this group, Polyamory of Suburban Houston (POSH), is to foster a sense of participatory social community for polyamorous people in the communities comprising the Greater Houston area, who also understand that Polyamory is not just for one type of person, and that our identities intersect with our privilege, gender, sexuality, and many

Posh Discord

About Discord Group Chat

Discord is a text and voice chat application for PC/Mac, smartphones and tablets. It was developed for use in online gaming as a community building tool but has broader applications for groups like ours as well. To join our group Discord, you’ll first need to install the app or log in through the website at