Welcome to Polyamory of Suburban Houston (POSH)! We are a local social group for polyamory in Houston, TX. Our spaces and events are places where members can relax, discuss polyamory-related topics, and just “be” as their full polyamorous selves.

Who is POSH for?

We welcome experienced and new polyamorists, former polyamorists, other ethical nonmonogamists, and anyone who’s polyamory-friendly and would like to learn and grow with our community.

Our membership comes from throughout the Greater Houston Area and anywhere nearby. We just ask that you’re close enough to attend local events.

POSH strives to create an atmosphere of respectful communication and camaraderie, and our group rules and norms are designed to build a consent-positive, SOGI-affirming, intersectional space that’s anti-racism, anti-patriarchy, anti-misogyny, trauma-informed, and that respects and believes victims (#metoo). You can find out more in our Rules.

So I can find someone to date, right?

While some of our members have met future partners through our community, POSH is not a group for “hooking up,” swinging, discussing kink or sexual activities, or seeking dates.

There’s nothing wrong with looking for those things, but that’s not what our group’s about and we discourage seeking those things in our spaces. If you’re looking for those kinds of group, many of our members are in those groups too and can help point you in the right direction.

History of POSH

POSH was founded in 2018 by our leader, Tabby, and a core group of moderators. Since then, POSH has grown to over 800 members, with active communities in Discord and Facebook as well as holding successful events throughout the Houston area, including brunches, family-friendly outings, movie nights, and a monthly cocktail event.

We have close ties to the polyamorous camping group at the Texas Renaissance Festival, the Polyarmory. You can find Polyarmory on Facebook.

Events have slowed down in the age of COVID, but we’re still having a great time getting to know eachother online and planning our return to events later this year.

Ready to dive in? Join Us