POSH Rules

Facebook’s always changing things, and a recent change made it harder to find the group “about” page where the rules are on mobile. You can find them here.

Here’s a list of them on the website, too!

  1. Don’t Out Your Friends – Do not disclose other people’s poly status without their consent. Not everyone is open about being “open” so please don’t refer to polyamory when someone asks “how did you meet Bob?” because it might cost Bob his job.
  2. We are a Consent-Positive space. Read the consent document in the group files. We take consent very seriously here, so please do not send unsolicited friend requests, messages, or objectifying compliments to anyone in the group. If you match with them on a dating site or elsewhere, then feel free to connect and message however you like, but don’t creep on members here.
  3. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. If you are asked to check your privilege, it’s time for you to take a break from the conversation. People who double down when confronted with their privilege may be warned or removed from the group.
  4. This is an intersectional, SOGI-affirming space, and we side with victims – #metoo -We are feminist-friendly, anti-patriarchy, anti-racism, anti-misogyny and anti-rape-culture, and as such, we will side with victims, regardless of gender, when reporting harassment, questionable behavior, assault and consent violations. If you don’t know what any of that means, google it.
  5. Reporting members for rule violations or bad behavior. Please tag an admin or send a PM to an admin to report violations and bad behavior. If you receive a warning from an admin, we will approach with kindness the first time, but if you double down or lie, you’ll be banned permanently. Those who take responsibility for their actions are welcome.
  6. This is not a democracy, it’s a benevolent dictatorship, and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Admins will always consider input from members for improving the group or dealing with conflict, but in the end, her decisions are final.
  7. If your settings prevent admins from being able to tag or message you, you’ll be removed. If you have configured your facebook to both prevent tagging and prevent people who are not your friend to message you, you will be removed from the group, as admins must have a way to call your attention to potential issues, and without these tools, we cannot effectively manage the group.
  8. Events may be hosted by any member. This group is location-specific to Houston and focused on in-person meetups in addition to online support. This is not a dating group. Organic connections are welcome, but soliciting dates is not.
  9. Respect Everyone’s Privacy. Being part of this group requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions make groups great, but may also be sensitive and private. What’s shared in the group should stay in the group. This goes for photos shared on selfie threads, too.

Additionally, from our Meetup Page, we have some more information.

This is a local social group for people practicing all forms of Ethical and Intersectional non-monogamy. Many of the members are in the suburbs of Houston and we welcome our friends from other parts of town as well, as long as they’re willing to join us for events.

We strive to create an atmosphere or respectful communication and camaraderie. We welcome all honest and sincere members. Meetups are intended to be a place where members can relax and openly discuss issues relevant to the polyamory community. Meetups are not a place to ‘hook up’, swing, or cruise for dates. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to find that special person or people, If you are looking for a dating group, swinging group, sex parties, or casual hookups, this is not the right place to look.

To facilitate the desired atmosphere and tone, if you are found to be disrespectful to any current member, you will be ejected from this group. Our goal is to prevent one bad apple from scaring off any of the incumbent members. Since it can be hard to know what someone else considers ‘disrespectful’, my advice is to err on the side of caution and moderation and it should be hard to go wrong.

On Meetup, profiles should have a real, reasonably current photo of yourself and/or your partner. This does not mean some other image that strikes your fancy; it needs to be a real picture of a real person who is really you. You can see who we are; we want to see who you are, which is especially important because we meet face to face regularly with new members. Also, remember that you can control the security settings on Meetup such that only members can see that you are a member of this Meetup group.

Please read the following links to familiarize yourself with the culture of our group:

This group exists to provide community, friendship, education, and support to anyone that identifies as being polyamorous (the ability to have a loving, supportive open, honest relationship with multiple partners in open or closed relationships,) supports the polyamorous relationship model, is polyamory friendly, or is poly-curious.

Whether you are a lifelong polyamorist or just curious and want to learn how this really works, the meetups should provide a safe atmosphere to ask questions, learn, socialize, and explore polyamory. We are open to all orientations and lifestyle choices.

Ideally, we would like every member to participate in some of the activities that we plan throughout the year. If you are not ready to participate actively you are still welcome to join in discussions and just lurk until you are comfortable. Facebook is by far the most active aspect of our community.

We want to develop strong friendships and a strong community. We hope that for some of us it develops into long term relationships that last a lifetime. This group is not for quick hookups. If your motivation is swinging or sex parties this is probably not the group for you. There are other groups that cater to these needs, just not us.

Welcome to the group, we look forward to seeing you at a future meetup.
– Your POSH Organizers

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